zondag 12 mei 2013

Let Washi Cranes fly over your Table

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I just love the beautiful Washi Yuzen origami paper. Their patterns are so diverse and colorful. Usually it is also quite expensive paper, but while looking for more 'ordinary' origami paper I ended up on PapierEnzo and with 50 small 6 x 6 cm Washi Yuzen sheets, each with a different design. I didn't now yet what to make out of these small sheets, but I ended up ordering the pack anyway

Since I was a kid I always loved to make the origami Crane. It's a fold I never forgot to make and in restaurants I always tend to make a Crane from the napkins...
So, I already knew that I wanted to fold Cranes out the Washi sheets by the time I got the small packet in the mail, but I didn't know what to do with them next. Perhaps hang them on a short piece of string after one another? I just started folding them in the next weeks, sometimes a few per evening, sometimes it was days between two cranes

Then I saw a picture of somebody who had put little Pom-poms on "stems" of floral wire and put it in a vase. Why not swap the Pom-poms for my little cranes? So I got some wire from a garden center, took my tallest vase, cut several long pieces of wire and put a crane on each end (a crane actually has a small hole exactly in the middle of the bottom part, perfect, so I did not have to damage the cranes). And that was it! Really easy once you know how to fold a crane

Now the vase has a nice spot in a corner of our dining table where I can enjoy the whole jumble of unique Washi designs of all the cranes every day :)

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