zondag 12 mei 2013

A vase full of folded Flowers

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I have a cat that just loves to eat everything green and flowery, so the only plant I have in my apartment is tough and prickly. Nonetheless I do love flowers and did still want to have flowers in my room without having to buy those obviously fake ones

I was in an origami mood again and thought that paper flowers would probably be a good substitute for actual flowers. They are not trying to be real flowers and the unique designs from origami make for an interesting bouquet. Also, these do not need any tending to of course ;)

After a few hours of searching for nice flower designs I started making several of the flowers. Not all the designs turned out the way I hoped, but 5 designs did have nice results. 

Using a few strands of ribbon I had left, I made small loops and glued each flower to a loop. I bought some dead twigs at a Garden Center, put them in a vase, hung the origami flowers from the branches and voila, a nice vase full of flowers!

Here are the folding instructions for the 5 flowers I made for my bouquet

Kirigami Flower
The instructions for the Kirigami Flower (it's called kirigami when you have to cut certain parts) can be found here

Cherry Blossoms
The cherry blossoms are made from 5 small 5 x 5 cm square units glued together and are very easy to make. The instructions can be found here

Kusudama Flower
The Kusudama flower is also made from 5 small units glue together. The instructions can be found here

Carambola Flower
This flower is really made from one sheet of paper, but is by far the most difficult to make of the designs here. The results is worth it though. View the video on how to fold one yourself here

8-petal origami flower
The final design consists of two units glued together. The instruction can be found here

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